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COVID Update 2022

As we come to the second year of the pandemic, we know more about the virus. Some of the modellings of case numbers and mortality have been dire. However, the actual statistics are displayed on the Australian Government Department of Health website, updated daily. Based on the current numbers, I have charted the survival rate for the different age cohorts.

This shows that the current overall Australian survival rate is 99.8% which equates to an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.2% (not 2% as quoted by some commentators). The survival rate for those under 40 is 99.99%. These figures demonstrate that Covid is most dangerous for the elderly, particularly those over 70. This is similar to studies published by Prof John Ioannides from Stanford University, an expert in this field. The USA Center for Disease Control states that the other risk factors are having multiple health issues and being overweight. The other significant risk factor in Europe and North America is low Vitamin D levels.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much about growing older. However, we can control our weight by eating well and regular exercise. Also, Vitamin D supplementation is helpful for those with people with Vitamin D deficiency1, 2.